Sunday, November 4, 2007


Peppermill is an attempt to chronicle my love affair with cooking – from giddy teenager trying to bake in mother’s kitchen to independent girl living alone for the first time; from not-so-shy bride excitedly setting up a kitchen in a new city to suddenly being pushed to the brink of no return by a rare condition which didn’t allow me to eat for a whole year; from cautious patient-in-recovery to carefree mother who wants to enjoy every minute with my beautiful daughter.

I have, over the years, collected a number of recipes through family, friends, books, magazines and the internet. Most of them have been tried out, favorites are much repeated, others get buried under the comfort of routine, still others call to me every time I see them but never seem to have that one ingredient which even I ,the Queen of substitution, can’t overlook. Through this site, I hope to share these recipes, try out some new ones and recreate the memories that were created along with the dish.

Why peppermill? Pepper is one of my favourite spices – indigenous to India, it was “black gold” at one point in time – valuable trade currency and one of the reasons the spice route to India became so famous and led to her being colonized by the Europeans. This adaptable spice brings its own touch to any cuisine it flavours – from mild European to scorching Chettinad; and as it goes through the mill, the coarsely ground flakes filtering down seem to come out all the more stronger in flavor – a trait I would like to think I identify with.


Lael said...


Congratulations on a wonderful venture. I can see already that I am going to learn a lot about food, nutrition and culture from you! Thank you so much for sharing your love of cooking. We will all benefit!

much love,

Miri said...

Oops - didnt think to check here, thought your comment was on the spinach and lentils post! :)



Pritya said...

Dear Miri, Is your name your real name or your blog name in celebration of pepper? isnt that Miri in Telugu? I did not find this info in your about page, so let me know, Names are always intriguing to me :).

Miri said...

Hi Pritya

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - you are right , I picked Miri as my "blog name" because it means Pepper in Marathi (didnt know its the same in Telugu)