Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whole Wheat Crust Pizza

I'm getting progressively better at making pizza from scratch - it's such a joy to bite into a lovely thin crust pizza, choc-a-bloc with toppings of our choice. As much or as little cheese as we want - no rationing of you can see I'm not too much of a fan of store bought pizzas!

On an average, we order pizzas about once every 4 months; we almost never go out and eat pizza - though after coming to Delhi we have found a couple of Italian restaurants which serve some great thin crust pizza - Vera Pizza at Tonino's is one of them, though for some reason the M.G Road outlet is better than the Greater Kailash one.
Aming the delivered Pizzas, loved Smokin' Joes when I was in Mumbai and when they started out Pizza Express in Chennai was very good. Slice of Italy in Delhi is also a good bet on most days.

The first time I ate one of the international "chain" pizzas was the day I got married. I was determined we wouldn't starve at our reception while seeing people all around us stuff their faces, so we ordered up a pizza to our hotel room from a brand new outlet downstairs and had it while I was getting my make up and hair done! The pizza was thick and doughy and I hated it. It was a long, long time before I had another one.

Its a pleasure then, to sink your teeth into one of these babies. Here it is before it went into the oven - this was the second one and since I had already one baking in the oven in my one and only metal pan, I put the second half of the dough into a shallow oven proof glass pan. But I won't be repeating it because the glass doesn't seem to be a great idea. The pizza took longer to cook and the glass was hot when I brought it out that I burnt my arm in two places! OUCH!!!

I stuck to the recipe I have been using from Jugalbandi with just a few adjustments.

Closer to perfection each time I make it, this time was very satisfying especially since the yeast did not give me any problem. I used olives, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. The sauce was store bought this time since I didn't have the time to make this delicious roasted pepper sauce. But it was good nevertheless! Try it out and you will be a convert in no time!


Arch said...

Pizza on your wedding day ! How cool is that :) I totally agree on the cheese levels...I dont like it too much and S is a big fan of Pizza hut, which i think overdoes the cheese...The toppings look so colourful !! There this Papa's john's pizza here which is really nice - interesting toppings and delivery is super fast !!

Nupur said...

That looks good, and absolutely brimming with toppings! You are right- home made pizza spoils us, and raises the standard for store-bought ones :)

PS: The Bhimtal lake pics are beautiful in the previous post.

Miri said...

Thanks Nupur :)

@Arch - as you know we did everything out of tradition, so what's a little pizza ;)

Parita said...

Looks delicious!

Cham said...

I imagine how it tasted on ur wedding day! Probably that is why u took such a long time to eat another one :) Homemade is far better than the order.... Colorful one!

my kitchen said...

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