Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little effort goes a long way..

You have fifteen days to 26th Jan.

In these fifteen days, you’ll have conversations that run like this,

“ you know I always wanted to join the Air Force.”

“ Remember, the 26th Jan parade on TV, and how we used to watch it. Now it’s just a holiday ya.”

“I changed my profile picture to the flag.”

“Those Army guys, at Siachin, they’re doing a programme on them.”

Get my drift? In turns you’ll feel warm and fuzzy. In turns you’ll feel all cynical and grown up.

Because somewhere that’s what it’s become. Just another holiday.

So here’s what we’re asking you.

Stuff that cynical grown up into the laundry basket for a minute.

And think.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of a meaningful movement this 26th of Jan. Not one where you write placards, or light candles. But one where you can actually change the future of this country.

We feed 6,00,000 underprivileged children one hot meal every day. This meal is served at the municipal school they study in, and is very often the only way to convince their parents to send their kids to school.

One hot meal. For which the parent sacrifices sending the child to wash your car or sell flowers at the signal. One hot meal. Which is probably the only nutritious meal the child has in a day.

One hot meal. That brings a child to school every day.

And all it takes is Rs 700 for a whole school year.

So here’s what we’re hoping for. If we can get thousand people to donate Rs. 700 in the next fifteen days, then thousand more kids can go to school this year.

And 26th Jan will never be just be another holiday for them. Or for you.

To donate, you could :

- use the internet payment gateway at or call 022 40366866.

- Or send a cheque addressed to Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, 19 Jaywant Industrial Premises, 63 Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400 034.

- You could even call Seema at 9820842453 and have a cheque picked up, if you are in Mumbai.

JUST IN: you can also drop a cheque at the rickshaw office in bandra. the address is flat 102, dheeraj grand, 15th road, bandra west, (the lane between mini punjab and bombay blues. look out for shaibaan restaurant at the start of the lane). we're up and about from 10 am to about 7pm. in case we're out, slip the cheque under the door. and we'll have it sent to School equals Lunch.

This is a message from a charity called School Equals Lunch. And this is how they introduce themselves.

We’re passionate about feeding children. You are more than welcome to visit our kitchens or call Seema at 9820842453 to know more, or even visit our website ( We’d love to show you how much thought and effort goes into cooking that one meal. Whether it’s a different Khichdi for every weekday or the steam cooking kitchen we‘ve introduced, we’d love to share our passion with you.


Nina said...

fantastic! i hope the get more than a thousand people to contribute...

nina said...

fantastic! i hope they get more than a thousand to contribute!

Sayantani said...

thanks for sharing this Miri. you are right being in the privileged lot we should do something for these little kids devoid of two round meals a day. would definitely donate and will try to spread awareness among others. thanks again for this thoughtful post.

Arch said...

Lovely post Miri...ISKCON does a wonderful job of the midday meal programme at schools - we had visited their kitchen in the ISKCON at Bangalore...heard heartwarming stories of children who have excelled - one boy got a job with wipro, his education was sponsored by ISKCON...Thanks for putting this up - hope lots of people join this really noble program...

notyet100 said...

lovely post,..thnks for the effort,..

Anonymous said...
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Rajani@eatwritethink said...

this is great, thanks for sharing the info!

Red Chillies said...

Great information Miri and thanks for the information. I was not aware of this. I will definitely pitch in.

I had not wished you, but Happy New Year and hope the you have a great year ahead.

Bong Mom said...

Thanks Miri. Will check out their link and try to do the needful

Asha said...

Great cause Miri. We contribute about 4 charities here, including childrens fund and Veterans fund. Good post.

Try Flax seeds,it has a nutty taste somewhat like Almonds.

Raaga said...

I forgot to tell you when I called you on Monday... I went to this link and donated some money. :)