Monday, January 14, 2008

Pongalo Pongal!!

The only person celebrating Pongal, on this street Mumbai people used to celebrate Sankranti the previous day, and in Chennai of course the three days of Pongal really opened my eyes to the significance of this festival in Tamil culture.

There was Lohri though on the 13th here.....but even that seemed to be low key - maybe the cold winds kept everyone indoors?

No day off from work and in fact hubby is travelling on work.....just me and my daughter. So I started yesterday on a kolam - made it in paint though so that it doesn't get blown away and stamped on. Decorated it with flowers this morning - love those gende ka phool!

So what if we are away from family and friends - invited my upstairs neighbour and kids for lunch and cooked up a traditional spread - Ven Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal, Sambar, Lime Rice, Coconut Rice,Sambar. She brought some yummy pachadi and we had a good time sharing lunch and always finds family and friends if you open your eyes and minds.....

Iniya Pongal Nal Vazhthukkal!!


Richa said...

the spread sounds so good!
thanks for dropping by.
ur post about sundars/ram ashray etc got me all nostalgic, hv had the most delicious food there :)

Miri said...

Thanks Richa.... and yes Sundar's is indeed a place with memories for me!

Suganya said...

Beautiful kolam. God, I miss those days. When I put kolam here, people visiting ask whether its some form of voodoo :(

Miri said...

The plebians don't know a traditional art when they see it! ;)