Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A MeMe and an Award

Deeba of Passionate about Baking has been an extremely encouraging blogger and I have also had the pleasure of meeting up with her. Its just amazing the kind of dishes and desserts she conjures up - some of them are simply works of art!!

So, I was more than honoured then when she gave an Excellent Blog award! Thanks so much Deeba!!

And a zillion years back she also tagged me with a MeMe - this one was Weird - well, not exactly, it just asks me to tell weird things about myself!

  • I love making lists and crossing them out one by one.
  • I used to study by reading out aloud - even at PG level - hoarse voice was the norm at the end of my exams
  • I hate being pushed to make decisions while shopping - I am convinced that there was something else I would have liked, if I had just waited a bit longer!
  • I usually start packing for a trip atleast 4 days in advance
  • I love photos....when I ran out early one morning after some major tremors shook the house, I could only think of how we would lose all our photos if something happened....
Enough weird things to last for sometime I think - I am not passing this one to anyone in particular - but if someone would like to share stuff about themselves, consider yourself Tagged!

I am also taking a break and will be back by the end of the month. Though I will be posting I may not be able to visit with you and participate in events till I am back in June.


Asha said...

Pack 4 days before the trip! I do that too! ;D

Enjoy the award!:))

nina said...

have a great vacation! tremors huh? thats part of living in delhi...i used to make sure my night clothes were decent incase i had to run out!

Sia said...

LOL, that's one funny meme :)

sunita said...

Miri,hey girl, I share all those things in your's another in your club :-DD

Swati Raman Garg said...

and i pack 4 hrs in advance ;P have a nice time...:)

ranji said...

congrats on ur award miri!!